Britney Spears is approaching her fans for the greater part of their petitions after her niece, Maddie Aldridge, was included in a traumatic ATV mischance close to her home in Louisiana.

“Require every one of the desires and supplications for my niece,” the pop symbol posted on Twitter this evening. Then, Lynn Spears posted a comparable message on Facebook stating, “Love all of you so in particular. Much thanks to you for your petitions, please keep them coming.”

It has been affirmed that Jamie Lynn Spears’ 8-year-old little girl is as of now in “stable however basic condition” at a New Orleans healing center after the mischance occurred Sunday.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Department discharged more insights with respect to the occurrence, uncovering she had slammed the Polaris going dirt road romping vehicle into a lake only 100 yards far from where her family—including Jamie Lynn and her progression father Jamie Watson—was standing and watching her ride.

As per the report, Maddie turned the ATV trying to abstain from running over the seepage discard situated close to the lake however over-rectified and wound up smashing the vehicle.

Thus, the ATV was in a flash submerged and Maddie was caught and secured by her safety belt.

Inside seconds, her mom and stepfather raced to bail her out of the ATV however were not able recover her from the vehicle.

Minutes after the fact, Acadian Ambulance Services arrived and could free her.

Our contemplations go out to the Spears family amid this troublesome time.