Octavia was victorious in the conclave on “The 100,” but there was a twist in last week’s episode that cast a dark shadow over her victory.

The bunker, which Octavia said would be shared equally by all, to protect them when Praimfaya comes, is locked – from the inside. And, judging by the previews, Bellamy, who firmly believes in his little sis, is the only one who wants it open, setting up conflict between him and the two people seemingly determined to keep it shut – Clarke and Jaha.

“It’s about the consequences of Clarke and Jaha’s actions,” Henry Ian Cusick, who directed the episode, told AccessHollywood.com of what Wednesday’s new episode is about. “Last week, you saw Octavia win the conclave and now you’re seeing the other side of what happened in the bunker and the repercussions of that – the consequences.”

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Cusick, who also plays Kane, said the episode features some “high stakes.”

“It’s a very dramatic episode,” he added.

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Wednesday’s new episode, titled “The Other Side,” saw Cusick step behind the lens for his first turn as a director of network television. His directing opportunity came following conversations with Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg over the last few seasons.

“I had been pestering Jason since Season 2, I think,” Cusick told Access, who said Rothenberg said yes last season, to taking him taking a turn behind the camera in Season 4.

“And I’m very, very grateful that Jason and Dean [White, director and a ‘The 100’ executive producer] allowed me the opportunity,” Cusick said. “That was such a great opportunity. So that’s how it came about. I was pestering him the whole time.”

Sometimes actors are written out of the episode before the one they direct so that they can prep for their director duties, but Cusick’s character Kane was featured in last week’s “The 100.” Cusick explained that they shot some of the episodes out of order, so the shooting schedule allowed him to prep.

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“10 and 9 were mixed up so I did have the episode off before, or if I wasn’t, I was very light in it,” he said.

While there weren’t many cold Vancouver night shoots for Cusick to contend with while shooting “The Other Side,” he did have other challenges, including the bunker scenes.

“It was a new space and not many people had filmed there so just trying to work out camera angles and stuff,” he said when Access asked about the challenges.

While the toughest challenge was the ticking clock, having spent so many seasons with The CW show’s cast and crew made things easier.

“[O]ne of the great things about being on a show this long is I have shorthand with the people I work with and I know them and one of the good things I had is fantastic support in Jason and Dean and all the actors, and the fantastic crew and Michael [Blundell, the director of photography] and my first AD [Ian Samoil] who had just directed his first episode, so he sort of knew what I was going through, so he was in a way mentoring me and guiding me through it and I felt very, very supported,” Cusick said.

“The 100” airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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