Things just got ugly between Antonio Sabato Jr. and his estranged wife, Cheryl Marie.

The former soap star and model filed for divorce back in late December, but now his ex is alleging that Antonio has drug issues.

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In documents obtained by TMZ, Cheryl claims she fears for their six-year-old son’s safety due to her ex-husband’s drug use. She alleges Antonio has issues with prescription drugs, benzodiazepines to be exact, and also claims that he used to use crystal meth before the two of them began dating back in 2009. However, Cheryl also shared Antonio got sober after the birth of his daughter from a different relationship.

Cheryl wants sole custody of their son while her ex is hoping for joint.

Antonio, for his part, admits that he had problems with sleeping pills, but that he got that sorted out in rehab. He also said he’s outspoken about addiction issues and isn’t trying to sweep his past problems under the rug. Otherwise, however, he added:

“Whatever else she says is just a bunch of lies.”

The Trump supporter filed documents last week to run for Congress, with his platform focusing on dealing with the opioid crisis.

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Antonio Sabato Jr.’s Estranged Wife Claims He Has Drug Issues As She Goes After Sole Custody Of Their Son