Harry Styles isn’t looking to label himself.

During a recent interview with Bizarre, the One Direction alum was asked to weigh in about sexuality in pop music — and the A-lister’s answer might surprise you. After referencing Miley Cyrus‘ decision to come out as pansexual, the Sign Of The Times singer revealed he “never felt the need” to define his own sexual orientation.

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Specifically, the British heartthrob noted:

“I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself.”

Fair enough. Nonetheless, the 23-year-old hopes to always keep an open mind when it comes to other people’s decision to label themselves. The X Factor vet explained:

“Being in a creative field, it’s important to be progressive. People doing stuff like that is great. It’s weird for me—everyone should just be who they want to be. It’s tough to justify somebody having to answer to someone else about stuff like that.”

How very woke of you, Harry! Styles has previously denied reports that he’s bisexual.

However, it looks like Har is planning to stay tight lipped about his personal life. Amid reports he’s dating chef Tess Ward, Mr. Styles added:

“I try not to overthink too much. I don’t really talk about it, I guess. The rollercoaster affects different people in different ways. One of the ways that helps me dealing with that is compartmentalizing between working. All that stuff, for me, is just a different thing.”

In fact, the hitmaker likes to think he’s pals with his high profiled exes. He supposedly quipped with a “wry-smile”:

“Everyone should be friends, right?”

Here’s looking at you, Taylor Swift! LOLz!

The candid moments didn’t stop there in the Two Ghosts artist’s interview as he also opened up about his thoughts on partying. In regards to the party scene during his 1D heyday, the newly-minted solo performer relayed:

“On the first couple of tours it was so exciting as we’d have a drink and go to parties. But for me, the albums got higher so they become harder to sing, so I knew if I didn’t come off stage and go to bed I wouldn’t be able to sing the next night.”

Smart guy. He continued:

“It’s just not for me. I’d rather wake up with a clear head…I’m not straight edge or anything. I’ll celebrate and hang out with friends when it’s the right time. But I like knowing I’m not going to be stressing about having to do something the next day. I usually go long stretches without having anything, have a couple of drinks and wake up feeling like shit, so I have another long stretch of not drinking.”

Hear! Hear!

With interviews like this, we feel confident in saying that Harry is well on his way to being a music icon. Snaps, buddy!

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN.]


Harry Styles Reveals He ‘Never Felt The Need’ To Define His Sexuality — Do Tell!