Donald Trump is definitely putting our country in a compromising position.

After firing FBI Director James Comey last week, Trump took a meeting with Russian officials in which he divulged top secret U.S. intelligence — adding more fuel to the persisting theories that the President has been compromised himself.

Even before he won the presidency, it’s been long speculated that the Cheeto in Chief is Vladimir Putin‘s puppet boy.

Video: Late Night Hosts Destroy Trump For Spilling Secrets To Russians!

But in light of this most recent development, Twitter took a cheekier route to the burgeoning evidence that Trump is something of a Russian spy: combining the widely-scorned POTUS with James Bond titles!

Yup, this is how desensitized we’ve become to Trump’s bullshit. That said, the titles social media users came up with for #BondTrumpBond would even make 007 crack a smile.

Better to laugh than cry, right? Ch-ch-check out some of the funniest titles (below)!

Ha! Can you come up with a better #BondTrumpBond title?

[Image via C-SPAN/MGM.]

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