In case you forgot to DVR the season premiere of Hollywood Medium, you missed a doozy of a reading.

Tyler Henry spoke with Bobby Brown (about whom he claimed to know nothing going into the sitdown) and ended up getting spoken to by none other than Whitney Houston herself.

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Bobby looked a little suspicious of the 21-year-old reality spiritualist as he said:

“I have a woman coming through. She’s having me talk about her heart. And this is very clear in the way that this comes through. She’s very insistent to acknowledge, ‘No matter how I died, I need them to know the heart.'”

He then asked if Bobby knew anyone who’d had “a heart thing” or had died of one thing but people thought they died of another, anything like that.

The 48-year-old singer said it sounded like his ex-wife, and that, “She used drugs but the way she passed is not a way that I can accept.”

Tyler then told Bobby that Whitney thought her heart was the cause of her death, channeling:

“The feeling is that I know that when I utilize these substances that I’m not going over the amount that I would know to normally take. This doesn’t feel like someone who’s necessarily directly blaming drugs even though there’s obviously contributing factors, but… it’s heart. It’s heart.”

See a clip of the interview (below):

The big bombshell came next as “Whitney” told Bobby through Tyler that she helped their daughter Bobbi Kristina to pass on to the next life, saying:

“She wants everybody to know that she helped her little girl when her little girl transitioned.”

He then communicated a message from Bobbi, saying:

“She knew how much she was loved, that she was told how much she was loved.”

He proved it as far as Bobby was concerned by talking about the Tina Turner impersonation the mother and daughter shared. The surviving father told him:

“My daughter used to dress like Tina Turner and run around the house doing all of Tina Turner’s dances. Nobody could’ve known that.”

Bobby thanked Tyler for the comforting messages, and even hugged him through his tears.


The “Hollywood” medium said he didn’t know anything about Bobby Brown, and all that about Whitney and Bobbi came from the spirit world and not Google?

We want to believe, but color us skeptical on this one!

What do YOU think of all this, Perezcious readers??

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