You’re better than this, Trevor Noah team.

Late night shows are getting edgier and edgier as a result of constantly roasting the Glazed Ham running the White House — but fans aren’t laughing at a recent joke made by The Daily Show!

The Comedy Central show was hit with major backlash on Wednesday over a tweet that was viewed by many as transphobic.

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The show’s Twitter account promptly deleted the faux-poll it shared right after news broke that House Majority Leader suggested that Donald Trump was being paid by Vladimir Putin.

The tweet, screenshot by The NY Daily News, gave silly suggestions for news that would drop on Thursday evening, with the final option being “Donald Trump announces he is now Donna Trump.”

See for yourself:

The jab came off as lazy and insulting to the trans community, and unsurprisingly sparked a good amount of social media outrage.

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Earlier this month, The Late Show faced similar backlash after Stephen Colbert made that Trump/Putin blowjob joke — most of which came from Trump-supporting snowflakes who played the “homophobic” card out of convenience.

The Daily Show‘s situation, however, is much different; and caused an actual uproar over a joke that legit sounded like it was crafted by Johnny Carson‘s writers in the ‘80s.

Do U agree? See some strong reactions (below)!

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The Daily Show BLASTED Over ‘Transphobic’ Donald Trump Tweet! See The Outrage!