The model pool for Leonardo DiCaprio keeps shrinking!

He’s dated so many of them already, we’re having a hard time finding new ones for him to romance! But now that he’s broken up with model Nina Agdal, it’s time for us to dig up some new hotties for his perusal.

We’re up to the challenge, though, and there actually are a few models Leo’s yet to lasso into his lap. Shocking, we know. And if we open it up to actresses, there are PLENTY for the actor to choose from.

Check out our list of potential eligible bachelorettes for the Hollywood heartthrob (below)!

The Models

1. Romee Strijd

She’s the quintessential Leo girl. Blonde hair? Check. Long legs? Check. Victoria’s Secret Angel? Check. In her 20s? Check. Leo might as well swoop in right now and seal the deal! We’re willing to bet Romee’s also into the environment. And if not, we’re sure Leo would LOVE to educate her on climate change.

2. Marloes Horst

Blonde, leggy, young. Marloes easily fits into Leo’s very, ahem, narrow definition of beauty. Judging from her Instagram, she also enjoys nature, so THERE YOU GO.

3. Suki Waterhouse

She fits his ideal of beauty and she has experience with actors. Remember her relationship with Bradley Cooper? Suki knows how to hang with the A-list!

The Actresses

Emma Stone

Emma may not be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she’s an Oscar-winning, highly respected actress, and Leo presented her with her Academy Award this year! They can shack up in an airy loft downtown with His-and-Hers Oscars on display. It’d be perfection.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya proved her acting chops in 2015’s The Witch, and also fits Leo’s personal taste in women. She’s super young at 21, but when has that ever stopped the actor? In fact, he could give her some invaluable acting tips. It’s a win-win.

Emilia Clarke

Ugh, they would look SO good together! Sure, Emilia’s a brunette, but she can always put on her Daenerys wig and role-play a little whenever Leo’s in the mood. We’re assuming that’s always. You gotta admit any red-blooded male would love to have the Mother of Dragons as his fierce eye candy.

Who do YOU think Leo should bump uglies with???

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

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