As you can tell by their name, the Washington D.C. bar and restaurant Diet Starts Monday has a cheeky sense of humor about their high calorie fare.

Their logo, which you can buy on shirts, hoodies, and sneakers at the pop-up, even has a skeleton serving a giant burger.

But they should have stopped at joking about how their sandwiches made with bacon-wrapped donuts instead of bread would kill you — because they went too far when it came to their celebrity-inspired cocktails.

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In addition to drinks named for D.C. celebs like Dave Chappelle and Taraji P. Henson (as well as disgraced mayor Marion Barry), they also introduced one named after Bill Cosby. Yeah.

And as if it weren’t in bad taste enough to name a drink after the man accused of raping women after drugging their beverages, it was called the “Pill Cosby” and was garnished with big fake capsules (above).

Co-founder Davin Gentry told the Washingtonian that it was meant to be an awareness-raising commentary about rape culture, saying:

“It lets people be a little more aware.”

You’re telling us your intentions are as pure as the Casa Noble Crystal tequila? Sorry, but frankly that’s a hard pill to swallow.

This just looks to us like a joke meant to cause controversy to get attention. You know. Trolling.

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After being inundated with complaints on Twitter and Facebook, the restaurant apologized Monday and deleted the tweet advertising the new drink:

They even deleted their apology tweets after the fact!

Looks like the attention they got is NOT the kind they wanted.

Live by the controversy, die by the controversy.

[Image via NBC/Twitter.]

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