Well, Donald Trump is once again trying to get the shitty smell of Russian collusion off his boots.

His tactic this time? To just throw a bunch of media buzzwords in a word blender and hope to somehow flip the Russia narrative on Barack Obama!

On Monday, the President tried to say his predecessor was actually the one who “colluded or obstructed” (take your pick, apparently) because he was aware that Russia had meddled in the election.

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With that, Trump seems to have devolved to a new level of stupidity.

In claiming that the Obama administration ignored Russian meddling because they expected Hillary Clinton to win, the only thing Trump actually accomplished was acknowledging a Russian interference he has REPEATEDLY denied ever happened!

Read the tweets for yourself (below) to see the Cuckoo in Chief expose his hand:

Wow… what an award-winning dumbass!

For the record, Obama DID respond after receiving the official CIA report back in August.

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Yes, even Democrats agree Obama dropped the ball on handling the situation — he essentially instructed CIA head John Brennan to call up Russia’s security agency and be like, “Hey! Knock it off,” before kicking out a few dozen diplomats and enacting other sanctions.

All in all, the punishment was something that Vladimir Putin would write off as a pathetic mosquito bite.

But Trump is on a new level of delusion if he thinks Obama’s slap on the wrist translates to “collusion or obstruction.” Especially after President Trump tried to immediately remove those sanctions!

We just can’t even anymore with this guy.

[Image via C-Span.]

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Donald Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Claiming Barack Obama Was The One Who ‘Colluded Or Obstructed’ With Russia!