Well this is just awkward.

As you may’ve heard, Katy Perry had some shade for Niall Horan on Wednesday as she claimed the One Direction alum “is always trying to get [her] number.” However, the Slow Hands singer did NOT appreciate that comment as he’s since clapped back and asked the pop sensation to stop being “mean” to him.

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Oh snap. Specifically, the former boy bander dished to The Project:

“Katy, please stop being mean to me! She is just finding any excuse to just patronize me and go around spreading rumors about me. I just want to be her friend.”

Tell us how you REALLY feel, man. LOLz!

Of course, this wasn’t everything Niall had to say on the matter. When learning that Miz Perry compared herself to his “babysitter” and “mum,” the 23-year-old quipped:

“I mean, she is talking like she is about 55 years older than me. She is not that much older than me.”

In case you were wondering, Katy is only 32 years old. Anywho, the artists originally met back during Horan’s X Factor days — which explains why the hitmaker still views him as a kiddo.

Yet, this isn’t the first time the 1D vet has been accused of being thirsty AF. Remember when Demi Lovato casually accused the Irish cutie of cyber stalking her?? We certainly do!

TBH, we think Katy is just afraid Niall will catch Feels

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Niall Horan Puts Katy Perry On BLAST After She Claims He’s ‘Always’ Trying To Flirt With Her!