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Gillian Anderson is at the center of yet another modern example of sexism in Hollywood.

The X Files star, who played one of the most iconic, well-drawn female characters in TV history, will be back for an 11th season this year — but she will not have any ladies in her corner.

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When the story broke that the writers’ room had not added a single female writer for the upcoming season, many female fans cried foul.

And Gillian is one of them. The actress, who is also starring in The Fall and American Gods, linked to this tweet from the Washington Post:

And added an even more harsh fact to the discussion:

Wow! Her autopsy findings were, as usual, absolutely spot-on.

The only two female directors were Game Of Thrones vet Michelle MacLaren, who directed the 2002 episode John Doe, and Anderson herself, who directed 2000’s All Things.

Don’t have to be Spooky Mulder to solve this case. The sexism is out there.

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Gillian Anderson Busts The X-Files With This Surprising Sexist Statistic!