As big and disgusting as Donald Trump‘s attitude toward women and the press is, the most immediate threat of his presidency is Trumpcare.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act — seriously, that’s what it’s called now — is such a cruel piece of legislation, eviscerating Medicaid just to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, some Republicans are even against it.

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You’d think Trump would try to spin it to sound better, But Seth Meyers noticed something about how the POTUS talks about the bill. He literally has no idea what’s in it! Just look at this statement made during a White House meeting:

“We are looking at a health care that would be a fantastic tribute to our country, a health care that would take care of people, finally, for the right reasons and also at the right cost. And what also came out was that this health care would be so good, it would be far better than Obamacare, it would be much less expensive for the people and also much less expensive for the country.”

Notice he doesn’t mention ONE specific aspect of the bill? No, that all sounds like candidate Trump, just making promises he doesn’t intend to keep so gullible people will elect him. But we already KNOW what’s in the bill! He’s trying to bluff AFTER we’ve all seen his shitty hand!

And that isn’t because he thinks he can get away with the lie — he just has no idea what to say, because he doesn’t understand what’s in it!

Ch-ch-check out Seth’s “Closer Look” (above) to see the proof!

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Trump Has NO IDEA What’s In Trumpcare! Watch The Proof!