Now THIS is the type of contract we can get behind!

The New York Mets are struggling through the summer with a load of injuries and their fair share of off-field drama, but now that it’s July 1, the team’s focus turns to what is arguably their most ridiculous legacy: on this day every single year, they pay Bobby Bonilla exactly $1.19 million.

There’s a problem, though: Bobby Bonilla hasn’t played for them since 1999. He hasn’t even played Major League Baseball since 2001!!!

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And yet the Mets owe him this money every single year on July 1 all the way through 2035. How is this even possible?!

It all starts back in the early ’90s, when Bonilla was one of the best baseball players in the league.

The player and the Mets worked out a contract that included a $6 million per year payment — at that point, the highest salary in the league — and also a deferred salary that held a key provision: if the Mets released Bonilla early, they owed him the remaining money with interest.

Sure enough, before the 2000 season, the Mets released him. And sure enough, the provision kicked in: every single July 1st between 2011 (ten years after Bonilla’s career ended) and 2035, the club owes Bonilla $1.19 million.

Every. Single. Year.

Mr. Met, the New York Mets’ mascot (pictured above flipping off a fan in a different, equally ridiculous scandal from earlier this summer) clearly can’t be too happy about losing that much cash every July 1.

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Bonilla hasn’t played baseball in 17 years now, but he’s (hopefully) still swimming in cold, hard cash from that absurd contract stipulation!!! And Twitter is having a TON of fun with it by celebrating Bobby Bonilla Day, too (below):


In light of all the recent contract talks at, say, American Idol, just remember these poor New York Mets: Ryan Seacrest has nothing until he’s got Bobby Bonilla money! Ha!!!

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In A Fuck-Up For The Ages, The New York Mets Are Paying A Former Player More Than A Million Dollars Every Single July 1st All The Way Through 2035