We can’t even imagine undergoing such a process!

In April 2017, Lesley Murphy (from Sean Lowe‘s season of The Bachelor) announced she underwent a double mastectomy after learning she carried the BRCA 2 gene, which puts her at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

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Since having her double mastectomy, she had an expander placed in to stretch the tissue for the implants as she posted before her implant surgery details about what she’s been going through:

Over the past 12 weeks, I had a prophylactic double mastectomy and watched as 90 CCs of saline were pumped into my expanders every Tuesday, making a grand total of 460 CCs. It’s been my craziest adventure to-date…I would literally look down in my plastic surgeon’s office and watch my nurse insert the most massive needle into my boobs where they would then grow right before my eyes. Medicine is the coolest, and even though they don’t exactly look natural in this photo (or any day for that matter), I kind of love them and all of their awkwardness. In just 83 days, I went from a completely flat chest in horrific pain to somewhere around a comfortable C-cup. Well…as comfortable as I can be in these expanders. The best way I can describe them is like two big boulders on my chest. True story: I tell everyone to poke them just because I think it’s hilarious to see their look of shock once they feel how hard they are?It’s insane to think that going from expanders to implants isn’t apples to apples, and my exact size is ultimately up to my plastic surgeon’s discretion tomorrow as he decides what fits/looks the best (since I’ll be comatose on an O.R. table and can’t exactly make final decisions??‍♀️). I was always indecisive anyways, and I trust him wholeheartedly. We’ve had many convos about this 🙂 In a few hours I’ll be back in the hospital completing a task I knew I’d set out to do the moment I found out I was BRCA 2 positive. Knowledge is power and I feel powerful knowing I kicked cancer’s ass before it could kick mine. The past 3 months have been a whirlwind. Thank you to all of my followers, readers, friends and family from the bottom of my heart for all of your messages and support. I wish I could adequately explain how much you have helped my recovery process. I love you to the O.R. and back!? Wearing @goodnightmacaroon. #lesleysbreasties #lesnipsbrcainthebud #breastcancerawarenessA post shared by Lesley • The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy) on Jul 2, 2017 at 7:41pm PDT

And now she has successfully completed her implant surgery as she posted:

Happy with a 100% chance of swollen?Exchange surgery was a success and a huge difference from the double mastectomy surgery. After 3 hours I woke up and drank some ginger ale, saw my mom, discussed things with my sweet nurse and was wheeled out of my favorite hospital…where I felt like we hit every bump in the road on the way home?Ouuuuch. My plastic surgeon said he tried many different variations and sizes and after consulting every woman in the hospital?he decided on 500 CC implants, which is actually smaller than my expander size when you take into consideration those CCs plus the bulky expander. Dr. Wright, thank you for ridding me of those boulders and giving me my normalcy back! You are a magician and I am in awe of your talents. Thanks also to everyone @uamshealth for treating me like a queen ever since I first walked through your doors at the beginning of March. What an incredible experience this has been.??#lesleysbreasties #lesnipsbrcainthebud #breastcancerawarenessA post shared by Lesley • The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy) on Jul 3, 2017 at 6:55pm PDT

Just wow. What an exhausting, overwhelming, and now probably exciting to have it all done process!

It can’t possibly be easy to make the decision to have that initial surgery, but we’re so happy was able to do this before it was too late.

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Bachelor Alum Celebrates Successful Breast Implant Surgery After Double Mastectomy