It was funny the first time, but let’s move it along, folks.

Quite some time ago, a baby went viral because it looked like John Legend. Like seriously, almost identical.

But now it appears that the funny gift we received with that pic has turned into a pic nightmare for Chrissy Teigen and her hubby.

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By nightmare, we mean the two are being flooded with pics of babies who look like the 38-year-old singer. And they want everyone to know they are NOT impressed considering one thing:

YES! Continue to win Twitter, you two!

For reference, here’s one of the MANY babies who have been popping up on social media:

Unfortunately, we have a feeling these two will continue to receive pics of babies — especially when they look so similar to John! LOLz!

But as far as we’re concerned, little Luna is the only lookalike we’re obsessed with! Let’s get more pics of her!

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Stop Sending Chrissy Teigen Pics Of Babies Who Look Like John Legend!