With her indie pop sound and Kiwi swagger, you’d think Lorde would be the coolest singer in music right now.

But if you ask the 20-year-old Grammy winner, she’ll tell you she’s still a “giant loser”!

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Speaking on The Project to promote her new album Melodrama, the New Zealand songstress reassured her fans that the glamorous life of music superstardom — including a friendship with Taylor Swift — hasn’t really changed her.

She explained:

“I think that I maybe am five percent prettier (these days) I would estimate, but apart from that I think I’m still like a giant loser. So it’s all good, really.”

At least she’s staying ninety-five percent humble. LOLz!

In addition to being ever-so-slightly prettier, Lorde also considers herself to be braver than when she first burst on the scene in 2013 — musically speaking, of course. She continued:

“I think in some ways I was braver when I was 15 and in some ways I’m braver than I’ve ever been now. A lot of people have said to me how this album is emotionally laid bare, I think. That sort of bravery I don’t necessarily know that I had five years ago.”

That’s what growing as an artist is all about!

And as she continues to grow, Lorde plans on staying as down to earth as she can.

Specifically, by “drinking a yardie” for her upcoming 21st birthday in September — the New Zealand tradition of drinking a yard glass full of beer as quickly as possible.

Sounds like the opposite of a giant loser to us!

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