The Trump family is FIRED UP on violence against the media!

A week after Donald Trump shared a doctored GIF of himself beating up CNN in the WWE stadium, his eldest son shared an even more violent depiction of Trump attacking the news network.

And this time, CNN got straight up blown the fuck up!

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Donald Trump Jr. was in TEARS laughing at an edited clip of Top Gun that showed the president’s face over Tom Cruise as he shoots down a Russian jet with a CNN logo on it.

Junior said the video, in which Trump repeatedly used his catchphrase “you’re fired” before launching a missile, was “one of the best I’ve seen,” sharing:

Uh… srsly?

What’s next? Trump as Freddy Krueger butchering CNN in a WikiLeaks dream hell? Or are the trolls who make these just gonna jump straight to an execution-style video?

Funny how Trump and his spawn think it’s totally fine to promote the satirical violence (and KILLING) against reporters — but when a comedian does it to POTUS, it’s shameful and just downright “sick!”

Our question is: will the first family ever stop endorsing memes reserved for the common internet bottom feeder?

[Image via Instagram/Paramount Pictures.]

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Donald Trump Jr. Endorses Video Of Daddy Shooting Down CNN Top Gun-Style!