Lele Pons has found herself in hot water after possibly being caught in a lie!

Last week, the Vine star turned YouTuber shared a pic of herself to Instagram to debut her much shorter ‘do, while her friend holds a handful of what one would assume are her freshly-cut locks!

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She even captioned it:


Except it wasn’t long before her sharp followers realized it wasn’t real hair being held up in the picture, but EXTENSIONS:

The fuck?

Unsurprisingly, Lele has since deleted the snap from her social media account, but that didn’t keep fans from being pissed about trying to disguise the extensions (with the tracks clearly visible) as real:

Also good to note, bleached hair isn’t accepted by most charities, but the 21-year-old still responded to the scandal on Friday:


Lele shared a pic of her real hair with BuzzFeed HERE, as a source came to the starlet’s defense:

“The locks of hair that you see in the Instagram photo were a reference to how many inches she cut, since her real hair was being gathered and prepped to be donated. It was never intended to pass off extensions as real hair.”

Sounds like a real learning experience for her, though she really doesn’t seem bothered by it:

We high on life ?? (tag your bff)A post shared by Lele Pons (@lelepons) on Jul 8, 2017 at 8:42pm PDT

[Image via Instagram.]


Lele Pons Accused Of Lying About Donating Her Hair After Being Caught With Extensions!