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Earlier this month, Teen Vogue published an informational article about anal sex as part of their ongoing sex education series. In the piece, writer Gigi Engle gives a bare bone overview “for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.”

Sadly, the digital story received a flood of backlash, particularly from Christian vlogger Elizabeth Johnston — aka “The Activist Mommy” — who accused the publication of “pandering indecency to minors.”

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On Friday, Teen Vogue and Allure‘s Digital Editorial Director Phillip Picardi‏ — who monitors the site’s webmaster email — opened up about the controversial write-up, and shared a personal story of how sex ed (or lack thereof) has affected his life.

He wrote:

It wasn’t until college where Phillip received an honest and accurate understanding of sexual intercourse, STDs, and the importance of using contraceptives.

Picardi also believes the negative publicity surrounding Engle’s piece is really about “homophobia,” and how others refuse to update their “arcane” beliefs regarding sexuality.

We echo what Phillip has to say, and we hope this article helps eliminate the unfair stigma surrounding anal sex.

[Image via Phillip Picardi‏/Instagram.]

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