It’s hometown time!

During Monday evening’s episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay visited her final four suitors’ hometowns in order to better understand the men vying for her heart. This episode is particularly crucial as it helps solidify the frontrunners AND teases the identity of the next possible Bachelor. We mean, if history has taught us anything, the castoffs from the current season are normally considered as potential leads for the OG ABC dating competition.

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But this isn’t about the Bachelor, this about the Bachelorette and her final four beausEric, Bryan, Peter, and Dean. So let’s dig into the visits home!

Eric was the first of the men to bring Rachel home and he was elated about it. The Dallas-based lawyer met up with the personal trainer’s in Baltimore and learned, in person, that Eric grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. After showing Rachel the “nice part of the city,” Eric gave the bachelorette a tour of the real Baltimore.

The twosome were greeted by a large group, which included Eric’s mom, dad, and “auntie” Verna. In fact, Verna was the one who asked the tough questions as she inquired about how Rachel was handling being the first black bachelorette. Miz Lindsay had no problem being candid as she revealed that she “was getting judged by black people, and getting judged by everybody else.” Oof.

Eric then spent some one on one time with his mom where they discussed his upbringing and made some peace regarding their issues. This convo seemingly inspired Eric to be more forthcoming with his feelings as he told Rachel he’s been thinking he “really love this girl.” In case you weren’t following, the girl is Rachel.

Although the powerhouse lawyer seemed less than enthused by his vague declaration of love, she appeared to enjoy her time in Maryland.

After Baltimore, the bachelorette packed her bags and headed to Miami in order to meet Bryan’s family. Things were obviously tense as the hot doctor’s last girlfriend didn’t last because of his high strung mother. Regardless, Bryan blamed his ex for their falling out as he noted:

“That was not on them (his family), but more on the other person (his ex).”

Savage. Still, Bryan’s family rallied around the 37-year-old’s story, as his sister claimed that the unnamed ex was threatened by their mom’s possessiveness. Oh, and the matriarch in question put on a terrifying display as she warned Rachel at one point:

“If he’s happy, I’m happy. If not, I’ll kill you.”

Damn. Thankfully, Rachel nabbed Bryan’s mom’s approval and the visit home ended with the chiropractor professing his love for our girl. *Swoon*

Rachel couldn’t stay in Miami forever though, as she headed up to Madison, Wisconsin to meet up with Peter and his squad. Before meeting his parents, the business owner introduced his lady to his notably diverse group of friends. One friend broke the tension by accusing Peter of playing his “black card.” The pals seemed to really love Rachel as they advised the gap toothed cutie to not “fuck it up.”

Now, Peter’s family was more than excited to meet Rachel, but they had some bad news to deliver. During a sit down with Peter’s mom, Rachel was told that the 31-year-old might not be ready for marriage. This sentiment was only made worse by the fact that Peter didn’t confess his love for Rachel and only said that he’s “very happy.” Regardless, Rachel still seemed VVV smitten with Peter.

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And, in typical Bachelorette fashion, the show left the most dramatic hometown visit for last. As you may recall, Dean has a particularly rough relationship with his father as they grew apart after his mother’s death when he was only 15. According to the startup recruiter, his father has since become a Kundalini yogi and has changed his name to Paramrup. Rachel seemed unfazed by this news as she agreed to call Dean’s dad by his chosen name.

The reunion between Dean and Paramrup was more than uncomfortable as the father-son duo hadn’t seen each other in two years. As expected, things end in a screaming match between the two as they discussed Paramrup’s emotionally absent behavior following his late wife’s passing. Rachel attempted to squash the beef by speaking with Paramrup, but the yogi was having none of it as he retorted:

“I regret it. This doesn’t work.”

Talk about being stuck in the middle. Rachel was certainly there for Dean as they ended their emotional evening with declarations of love.

Sadly, this didn’t mean much, as Rachel decided to send Dean home during the rose ceremony. Ouch!

Don’t forget, The Bachelorette airs on ABC on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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