Police in Phoenix, Arizona are on the lookout for a man who was caught on camera setting an LGBT youth center on fire.

The Phoenix Fire Department made the announcement on Wednesday after footage was recovered showing a man pouring liquid on the floor and stepping outside just before a room in the center ignited in flames.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Darren William Beach Jr., and have asked for the public’s help in finding the alleged arsonist.

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Center officials say the 26-year-old used to be a participant in one.n.ten programs, but aged out of eligibility when he turned 25.

The group reopened the day after the fire in a temporary facility at the Parsons Center for Health and Wellness in downtown Phoenix.

One.n.ten Executive Director Linda Elliott said the group does not plan to return to the damaged building, telling local press:

“The sort of good news here is we had already started the build-out for our new youth center back in early June and that will be completed in early September [at the Parsons Center.]”

Elliott said there were no injuries in the July 12 incident, but the center lost electronic equipment, food, hygiene products, and camping equipment in the fire. Thankfully the community stepped up following the incident, she explained:

“It’s just been an incredible response from the community. From the next day until today, people have just been streaming in here, making donations, bringing supplies, buying things.”

Officials are waiting to find out what expenses insurance will cover. Authorities are investigating to find the man responsible.

[Image via Phoenix Fire Dept..]


Police Searching For Man Who Set LGBT Youth Center On Fire!