Jenelle Evans knows the exact moment when she hit rock bottom.

Unsurprisingly, the Teen Mom 2 star realized she needed to make a change in her life after she overdosed on heroin back in 2012. The MTV celeb almost died due to a drug overdose while she was staying at her then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp‘s mom’s New Jersey home.

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On her near death experience, the reality TV starlet shared with Us Weekly:

“I basically blacked out. And woke up not remembering anything.”

So scary. The incident clearly left Jenelle shaken up as she also detailed the overdose in her new book, Read Between the Lines. The mother-of-three continued:

“I was appalled — I couldn’t believe that happened. I really was so close to dying.”

And despite her tense relationship with her mother, Evans called Barbara and “begged her to please come help.” The 25-year-old then experienced the stages of withdrawal as she revealed:

“I quit cold turkey. I just went to my mom’s house and rode it out. I started to go through withdrawals for the first time. I didn’t know it would be like the worst flu I’ve ever had for seven days. First, you have insomnia, then you can’t eat, then you have panic attacks, then hot and cold sweats for a week, uncontrollable shaking and your joints hurt. You can die from trying to withdraw on your own. I luckily did it safely. But I said to myself, ‘I’m done. I can’t ever go through this again.'”

Talk about an intense situation. Now, Barbara may’ve been there for Jenelle following the overdose, but things are still complicated between the two as Mrs. Evans refuses to give up custody of the TV personality’s first born, Jace.

In regards to their strained relationship, Jenelle explained:

“I told her, ‘If you want to be in my life, you can give me back my son and we can start from there.’ I can’t stand that a mother would do this to her daughter. I lost all respect for her.”

Well, this explains why the young mom hasn’t extended an invitation to Barbara for her upcoming nuptials to David Eason. As of right now, the guest list only includes “close friends and some of David’s family.” Hmmmm.

Hopefully, the mother-daughter duo is able to put there problems behind them sometime soon!

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