Rachel Lindsay may be the best Bachelorette EVER!

We say this with confidence as the Dallas-based attorney took one of her former contestants to task for being racist AF during the Bachelorette: The Men Tell All special. But, hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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As you likely know, the episode before the final rose ceremony is always a reunion sit down where the lead for the current season of the ABC dating competition is able to get closure from his or her past suitors. The Tell All episode is normally super dramatic, so obviously, this time around was no different.

Let’s not waste anymore precious time and jump into it all…

DeMario Scrambles To Explain That Girlfriend Drama

It seems like a lifetime ago when DeMario Jackson was caught having ghosted his girlfriend in order to go onto the Bachelorette. We’re sure the Dancing With The Stars hopeful is missing the days when this was his only drama. In case you forgot, Mr. Jackson was given the boot after a former flame came onto the show and said the executive recruiter was pretty much her boyfriend.

So… what did DeMario have to say for himself?? Unapologetically, Jackson told the audience:

“That’s called a side chick. You can boo me. I’m just keeping it real.”

Hmmmm. Chris Harrison wasn’t about that blasé answer as he clapped back:

“I feel like now you’re really distancing yourself from Lexi. I had this guy DeMario tell me he dated her and had been in a relationship.”

While DeMario was quick to deny this accusation, the Bachelorette host was vehement he had the confession on “tape.” As for the other men in the house, they laid into Jackson for causing the drama and for making Rachel emotionally closed off during filming. Dramaaaaa!

The Kenny Vs. Lee Feud

Lee Garrett and Kenny King were in a feud for pretty much the entire first half of season 13. There’s no denying that the Nashville native did everything in his power to get under the professional wrestler’s skin, so unsurprisingly, a lot of the guys sided with Kenny in this drama.

Dean Unglert even said in defense of King:

“Kenny might have been the most well-liked guy in the house and it’s hard to say the same about Lee. I will forever have Kenny’s back in that situation. I think that Lee made a point to badger certain people.”

Fair point. Still, not EVERYONE was #TeamKenny, as DeMario added:

“The Lee that I know was a very genuine guy.”

On his feud with Lee, Kenny argued that Lee’s actions were out of fear that he didn’t “belong.” Thankfully, Lee took the criticism and apologized to Kenny. The singer/songwriter even admitted that he “should have been a better friend.”

The father-of-one accepted Lee’s apology but noted he and his former frenemy are unlikely to “sit and kick it” anytime soon. Speaking of Kenny’s daughter, Harrison then brought out the youngster and shared that ABC was sending the two of them to Disneyland to celebrate the Las Vegas resident’s birthday in style. We have a feeling this was the network’s way of apologizing for casting a racist on the reality show!

Lee Apologizes For His Racist Ways

Just when you thought we were done with the Lee drama, Chris had to bring him up on stage. As you likely know, on top of Garrett’s offensive behavior on the Bachelorette, the 30-year-old also made headlines for some seemingly racist and misogynistic tweets he sent in his past. Lee was quick to apologize for being so ignorant, but Dean wasn’t buying it as he called out his peer for fanning the fire online. The baby faced contestant dished:

“You should have done this [and apologized] two months ago.”

Several of the other suitors agreed with this sentiment as a few pondered if Lee would feel sorry if he hadn’t been caught. Nonetheless, Lee stood by his apology and added:

“I feel like I have a lot to learn…If I hurt anybody in any way, with a bad joke, I apologize. I did things that were wrong…. I completely denounce that and I denounce that Lee. I want to learn… I am sorry for saying things when I was not educated and ignorant in those subjects.”

The apology seemed to win over most people, especially Kenny, as he vowed to help educate Lee. The two even hugged it out!

Justice For Dean

Fan favorite Dean was able to get some closure over his failed relationship with Rachel as the former flames were able to sit down and talk about what happened between the them. On how blindsided he was by Rachel’s dumping of him, Unglert noted:

“She’s always going to have a piece of my heart, but I understand that door is closed.”

Poor guy. Miz Lindsay then came out and admitted to Dean that it was “very, very difficult” to say goodbye to him. Rachel’s words weren’t enough for Dean as he hit back with:

“I’m still confused about why you told me you were falling in love with me and then I got the boot four days later.”

The legal expert tried to articulate her decision, but at the end of the day, the Venice resident was left unconvinced. Regardless, Dean chose to let the whole thing go — which is a good thing since he’s Bachelor In Paradise bound.

Rachel Weighs In On The Lee Controversy

The final showdown of the night occurred between Rachel and Lee as she called out her former beau for being racist. After scolding Kenny for handling the Lee situation poorly, Rachel came for Lee and told him directly:

“I feel like I’m in such a unique position, I have the opportunity to be a spokesperson for African Americans, for women, and I just feel like you had such an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by different people and different cultures and you didn’t take advantage of that. You can meet me backstage and I’d be more than happy to give you a black history lesson and a lesson on women’s rights.”

You tell ’em, girl! Lee apologized once more, but this time to Rachel specifically, as he relayed:

“Today, I learned how great the people that I was with actually are and I just, I want to apologize to you too.”

Rachel accepted the apology and the drama was officially put to bed.

What do YOU think?? Were Lee’s many apologies sincere??

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