These are the questions on every Kardashian fan’s mind!

In the new book The Kardashians: An American Drama, author Jerry Oppenheimer discusses two of the biggest scandals surrounding the KUWTK family:

Did Kris Jenner sleep with O.J. Simpson, and who is Khloé Kardashian‘s real father?

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According to Kris’s ex-fiancé’s daughter, the momager may have had an affair with the former football player.

Amber Carillo — the daughter of Kris’ ex Cesar Sanudo — remembers a conversation she had with her father which may finally reveal the truth about Kris and O.J.’s relationship.

According to an except obtained by, when Cesar made a racist remark about the Kardashian daughters dating black men, Amber recalls:

“That racial mixing angered him. And that’s why he used to say Kris was sexually involved with OJ… How real that is, and did my dad witness it, I don’t think so. He said he was pretty sure that she was seeing O.J. along with Kardashian, that she had an affair with O.J. too… He thought more or less that Kris would be with O.J. and I had to correct him.”

In regards to Khloé, Robert Kardashian‘s pastor Kenn Gulliksen claims the lawyer told him, and friends Joni Midigal and Larry Kraines he was NOT Khloé’s biological father.

He said:

“Kris and Robert had four children. Well they had three kids and somebody else’s kid… Bob never asked my counsel but I simply heard from him that Khloe wasn’t his biological daughter. He gave me no names of who the father was.”

However, Kenn is confident the father is NOT Simpson.

“But I certainly know it wasn’t O.J.”

Even though Robert (reportedly) didn’t believe the now-33-year-old was his real daughter, he loved her just the same.

“It was my strong impression from him that he loved Khloé very much but he said it in a way that implied she’s not my blood daughter, meaning his biological daughter… My understanding from him was that he and Kris hadn’t had sex during the period of time they would have had to had sex when Khloe was conceived.”

Midigal confirms this:

“He made a decision that no matter who Khloé’s father was that Robert was going to love her as his own, and it was all done. That was his decision. It was the honorable way of doing it, and the respectful way… He didn’t want a DNA test done, he didn’t want to find out anything. He told me, ‘I love Khloe. She’s wonderful. She’s mine, period.’ But he knew she wasn’t his. His confirmation to me was, ‘She’s mine and I don’t care who the father is.”‘

The Kardashians: An American Drama comes out in September.

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New Book Sheds Light On Kris Jenner’s Rumored Affair With O.J. Simpson & The Identity Of Khloé Kardashian’s Father!