Alex Rodriguez is owning his shit!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Wednesday, the 42-year-old spoke candidly about his long, but scandalized, baseball career — and how now he has come out on top.

After he was caught in 2014 for using performance-enhancing drugs, the MLB star admits he hit rock bottom:

“There were nights in Miami when I was close to tapping out.”

Instead of giving up, he “turned the lens inward” and focused on psychoanalysis and his two daughters, Natasha, 12, and Ella, 9, who live in Florida with their mother, Cynthia.

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He admitted to the outlet:

“It’s probably too soon for me to say this, but maybe in 10 years I’ll be able to say that the ”14 sabbatical’ was one of the best things that happened in my life. I’ll say this: That year off I just had to fucking change and stop being a jerk.”

That’s real.

In August 2016, A. Rod retired from his 22-year career and began broadcasting for ABC, CNBC, and Fox Sports.

Now, the athlete says he’s living his best life:

“It’s night and day how content and happy and proud I am. You being here, that would have never happened before.”


“It starts with being accountable. When people can see that you’re genuine, that’s when they pay attention. You have to own your shit.”

And we’re sure being in an adorable relationship with none other than Jennifer Lopez certainly is icing on the cake.

Of his A-list love, the smitten TV personality shares:

“We both appreciate where we are in our lives. We appreciate being parents, and we’re so similar; we’re both kind of workaholics.”

To read the rest of Alex’s THR feature, click HERE!

[Image via The Hollywood Reporter.]


Alex Rodriguez Gets Real About Owning His Shit After Scandalized Baseball Career — & How ‘Content & Happy’ He Is Now!