Remember Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Fox News host who was once rumored to replace Sean Spicer as press secretary??

Well, it turns out she was also rumored to be involved in an affair with defamed WH communications director, Anthony Scaramucci!

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In fact… The Five star was at that dinner with Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Sean Hannity, and former Fox News co-president Bill Shine — you know, the one The Mooch got all upset about after journalist Ryan Lizza tweeted about it.

Following a recent interview with Scar (whose wife just filed for divorce), the Huffington Post reports:

“Scaramucci realized that the inclusion of Guilfoyle would raise suspicion. He said he was aware that some associates and members of the media were gossiping about his friendship with the Fox host and feared this particular connection would only make matters worse. He said he took it as an attack.'”

Trump confidant Roger Stone told the outlet Anthony and Kimberly “are very close friends but nothing more”:

“He is way too short for Kimberly.”

Oh OK, in that case…

A Fox News spokesperson echoed that sentiment, saying the rumored pair are just “good friends.”

Catch the rest of the highlights from The Mooch’s post-firing interview HERE!

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Excerpt from: 

Anthony Scaramucci Denies Affair With Trump’s Fave Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle