What a dark situation.

On Wednesday, rap icon Kidd Creole was arrested and charged for fatally stabbing a homeless man in New York City. The Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five member, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, was linked to the crime after he was spotted on surveillance camera footage near the scene.

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It’s said the 55-year-old victim, known as John Jolly, was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday evening after pedestrians found him on the sidewalk with multiple stab wounds to his torso. Creole’s alleged victim was pronounced dead at the medical center.

Per reports, Jolly had been living in a homeless shelter at the time of his death. It’s believed that the deceased had a criminal past as he was arrested multiple times and was a convicted sex offender. Currently, it’s unknown if the rap pioneer knew the victim in some capacity. We should mention, Creole had been working as a security guard near the murder scene.

Supposedly, the two men got into a physical fight after the scandalized celeb thought Jolly was making an “advance toward him.” A source told the New York Daily News:

“They had no prior relationship. They had words. Things got out of hand. It was some sort of diss. He turned, interpreting that the guy was making an advance toward him. One thing led to another, and he shivved him twice in the chest.”

Yeesh. Glover has since been hit with second degree murder charges. Outside of this incident, the White Lines artist has been arrested four other times.

Be sure to stay tuned for any updates on this troubling case.

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Rap Pioneer Kidd Creole Charged With Murder After Allegedly Stabbing A Homeless Man To Death