Holy shit, Caitlyn Jenner

The controversial star is now claiming that she did NOT mean to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat on purpose back on Thursday, when she took a TON of heat from the internet for her ill-fated decision to rock the ridiculous red hat.

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According to TMZ, Caitlyn’s excuse is fucking pathetic, too.

She claims that she was all set to leave to play golf in Thousand Oaks, California, when she realized she needed to wear a hat for the drive, since she was making it in a 1960s Austin-Healey convertible with no top and a ton of wind.

That’s when — get this — she “rummaged through the ten hats in her closet” and apparently “grabbed one without looking at the stitching.”

Wait… her excuse is that she grabbed a MAGA hat because she was in a dark closet and never looked at the stitching? Did she walk to her car with her eyes closed? Is she living in a house with no electricity?

It doesn’t matter whether or not you care about how you look in a hat you grab on your way out the door, WHO THE FUCK DOESN’T TAKE ONE HALF OF ONE SECOND TO EVEN SEE WHICH HAT IT IS YOU’RE WEARING?!

Are we fucking serious with this??

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She apparently only realized that she was wearing a MAGA hat on the way BACK from her golf game, when she opted to wear a visor to go to Starbucks after playing.

But then again this is where things get weird — once back in her car after grabbing coffee, Jenner decided to switch BACK to her MAGA hat for no good reason.

On the way home, wearing her MAGA hat, she realized she forgot her purse at Starbucks. (WTF?! Is this the longest excuse ever?!)

She panicked, drove back to Starbucks, forgot she was wearing the MAGA hat, walked inside to reclaim her purse and again drove home, this time getting snapped by the paparazzi wearing the hat.




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Fuck all this. Just own your stupid mistakes!!!

Caitlyn claims she’s getting rid of the hat now — maybe she’ll burn it, or auction it off and raise money for transgender causes.

That’s fine, but here’s a better idea: get rid of your shitty politics.


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