Keep your money close… and your assistant closer.

That’s hopefully the lesson Fetty Wap is learning right now after dealing with the apparent fall-out of an assistant who was allegedly skimming money — a LOT of money — off his bookings.

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Fetty’s RGF Productions is reportedly accusing former assistant Shawna Morgan of falsely representing herself as Fetty’s booking agent and manager.

They fired her back on Friday, claiming that she was charging additional fees to venues that booked Fetty and then holding on to the profits. In total, the cash they believe she took off the top apparently totals a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS! Whoa!!!

In a twist, though, Morgan completely denies those allegations according to TMZ, and she goes a step further, accusing RGF of not paying her more than $250,000 that she says SHE is rightfully owed. She claims she routinely put her credit card down to pay for tour expenses like hotels, but nobody ever reimbursed her — and when she did take booking money, it was only for the standard 10% industry fee.

One way or the other, one side isn’t telling the truth here!

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But neither side really wants to go to the cops, either — reportedly, each is planning on consulting attorneys to see about further action.

Here come the lawsuits in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

The lesson here is the same as it is with everybody — be careful who handles your money!

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