This is disgusting.

Chester Bennington‘s private memorial service may have been just last week, but already somebody is trying to profit off it by selling off memorial items on eBay.

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Fortunately, sources close to TMZ are reporting that the family and inner circle who loved Bennington successfully stepped up and helped stop the person from being able to sell their memorial items.

If you’ll remember, as we reported last week, the Linkin Park frontman’s funeral service included rock-themed memorabilia like lanyards and wristbands, as if everyone attending were a VIP at a concert.

Family members and loved ones also specifically made sure the funeral was a private event, with no cameras, reporters, or general public involved at that ceremony.

Even though that was just a week ago, by Tuesday, some of the memorabilia wound up on the auction deal site. Come on, people!!!

Thankfully, eBay does not allow items to be sold that “attempt to profit from tragedy,” and so when they became aware of the merchandise being made available, they contacted the seller and “educated” them, in addition to taking it all down.

That wasn’t before bids topped $50,000, though…

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At least eBay did the right thing — but shame on this person for trying to sell items in the first place. Tacky! What is with people who do stuff like this?!

Insiders believe it’s somebody connected to production work for Linkin Park, considering the seller’s account had apparently previously sold LP merchandise on eBay, too.


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