Have you heard the news? Chelsea Handler HATES racism!

So much, in fact, the comedian tweeted that there should be laws against people “who think racism is funny”!

But since Handler has made more than a few racial jokes herself, Twitter users swiftly pulled the rug out from under her moral high ground.

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It all started when the Chelsea host commented on a New York Times story about two Chinese tourists who were arrested in Berlin after taking pictures of themselves doing Nazi salutes in front of Germany’s Parliament.

The funny lady smugly shared:

It would be bad enough for someone to be talking about outlawing free speech (yes, the awful jokes are protected too)… but what the Internet couldn’t ignore was the fact it came from a comedian who is known to use race as a punchline.

Twitter users pointed out that Handler is among the many comedians who integrates racism into their jokes — and they brought receipts!

Responders dug up Chelsea’s old comments about Angelina Jolie‘s adoptive children and Melania Trump‘s accent, making it clear she’d be one of the first to get arrested by the Racist Joke Police:

C’mon, Chels! Don’t sell out your comedic edge for the sake of trying to sound political — being against freedom of speech actually puts you on the same side as First Amendment-hating Donald Trump.

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Chelsea Handler Says She Wants Laws Against People Who Think Racism Is Funny & Twitter Points Out She’d Be The First To Get Arrested!