Talk about a dangerous combo.

It appears Corinne Olympios has finally revealed what caused her headline-making blackout during the production of Bachelor in Paradise. In case you somehow missed this drama, the season four production of BiP was briefly halted after allegations of “sexual misconduct” arose.

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At the time, it was believed that Miz Olympios was too drunk to consent to a sexual encounter with her costar, DeMario Jackson. However, filming resumed after Warner Bros. investigated the matter and ruled that those involved were innocent of any wrongdoing.

Still, since many people involved with the scandal stayed tight lipped about the drama, fans were left in the dark about what exactly happened in Paradise. Well, thanks to the Bachelor In Paradise reunion taping, it seems we finally have some answers.

According to TMZ, Nick Viall‘s ex admitted to mixing prescription drugs and alcohol on the day of the now infamous pool hookup. Oh no.

Apparently, the Bachelor season 21 villain made this confession on Saturday while filming the BiP reunion special. It’s said Corinne is vehement that the ingested combo of pills and booze increased her drunkenness and led to her subsequent blackout. The reality TV starlet did not specify what type of pills she took.

Corinne’s statement certainly shines a light onto the new policies production implemented following the scandal — which included staffers checking bags for drugs and such. We’re definitely interested to see how this entire drama plays out when BiP returns on August 14!!

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BIP’s Corinne Olympios Reportedly Admitted To Mixing Prescription Drugs & Alcohol Before Her Sexual Encounter With DeMario Jackson