What an interesting development…

As we reported, Quantasia Sharpton — one of Usher‘s accusers — held a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom where she is suing the musician for allegedly exposing her to genital herpes without disclosing his alleged sexual condition. Although the alleged victim is negative for the STD, she still feels violated.

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However, Sharpton may be motivated by “money,” according to alleged week-old social media messages!

Exactly seven days before her news conference, the young woman allegedly wrote on Facebook under the name “Angel Valentino”: “I need some money,” and “Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl.”

She goes by this alias because:

“I go by Angel cause my name is clearly ghetto and hard to pronounce.”

The other two individuals on the lawsuit filed anonymously and are known as Jane and John Doe.

Bloom may be filing additional lawsuits as other potential victims have come forward.

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Usher Accuser Allegedly Wrote ‘I Need Some Money’ On Social Media One Week Before Press Conference