Innocent until proven guilty!

We’re sure that’s what Usher has been telling himself ever since this herpes scandal hit the press. As you’ve likely heard, the Yeah! singer has been named in a number of lawsuits as he allegedly exposed several sexual partners to genital herpes without disclosing his supposed sexual condition.

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One of the alleged victims, named Quantasia Sharpton, has since come forward and given a press conference about her past liaison with the hitmaker. At a press conference, organized by her lawyer Lisa Bloom, Quantasia claimed The Voice judge picked her out of the crowd at a concert, got her phone number, and later had sex with her at a hotel. Per the statement, the 38-year-old never warned the complainant about his (reported) herpes.

However, it seems Miz Sharpton’s side of the story might not be entirely true as Usher has been reportedly telling people in his close circle that he in no way slept with Quantasia. The OMG artist defends that he may’ve pulled Sharpton up on stage at the concert, but he doesn’t remember any specifics about meeting her.

Apparently, the one thing Usher knows for sure is he did NOT have a romantic relationship with Quantasia as she’s “not his type.” When asked why the A-lister may’ve singled out Sharpton at a concert, a source told TMZ:

“[Usher] looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels.”

The insider added that the industry vet feels it is “an esteem booster” to bring fans of all kinds up onstage. Wow, that sounds so condescending.

Nonetheless, Usher has yet to publicly address the legal matter, so who knows what the real story is. Still, we doubt Bloom would go after such a high-profile celeb without some damning evidence in her pocket. Just keep that in mind…

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Report: Usher Denies Having Sex With Herpes Accuser Quantasia Sharpton!