On Wednesday, Taylor Swift posted up in court once again to face off with the Denver DJ, David Mueller, who she claims “grabbed her ass” during a meet and greet back in 2013.

The radio show host has since accused the singer of slander, to which she counter-sued him for sexual assault and battery.

Today started off with a 45-minute sidebar conference without any press present in the court room before Mueller was cross-examined by Swift’s attorney, Doug Baldridge.

Baldridge attacked Mueller’s claim that Swift’s accusations “rendered him unemployable” — when in fact, the personality only submitted himself for 20 jobs in the top markets. Mueller agreed there are “around 200” markets across the U.S.

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The attorney also added that Swift intentionally did not go public with what happened initially after the incident — and that it was Mueller’s own actions that got him fired from KYGO.

Later, Mueller’s lawyer Gabe McFarland asked his client to describe the moment the infamous picture was taken once again — to which he responded:

“I was several feet away from the girls — I’m sorry, ladies — and because I’m a larger man, I thought it best to close my hand so as to not poke Taylor.”

Meanwhile, T.Swift — who wore a cream-colored dress and black blazer — sat there intently listening and taking notes after everything Mueller said. Slay, bb.

McFarland concluded:

“Mueller has been hurt and wants his good name back and he wants to be fairly compensated for income he lost and ability to earn income in the future.”

Next up, Taylor’s mom, Andrea, took the stand.

The singer’s momma said she was disgusted when she heard her famous daughter’s account of what happened:

“I was upset to the point where I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time … We absolutely wanted to keep it private but we did not want him to get away with it.”

She later pointed at Mueller, emotionally saying:

“I knew what happened. I heard it directly from my daughter’s mouth … He sexually assault her right there that guy.”


Stay tuned as this trial is ongoing

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