Placed at the scene of the crime!!

While Usher has reportedly denied hooking up with herpes accuser Quantasia Sharpton, it seems an employee at the Days Inn in Atlantic City can corroborate the complainant’s story. Ooh, go on.

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As you may’ve seen, Miz Sharpton and her attorney, Lisa Bloom, held a press conference after they filed a lawsuit against the hitmaker for failing to disclose his alleged STD during a sexual encounter. (Side note: Bloom has also filed on behalf of TWO other victims who wish to remain anonymous.)

During her statement, Quantasia claimed that the Yeah! singer picked her out of a crowd at a concert, got her phone number, and later showed up at her hotel for sexual relations. Not once did Usher disclose his health status.

The concert in question took place in Atlantic City on November 15 back in 2014. There is photo proof of Sharpton at the concert as she snapped a pic with Usher’s opening act, August Alsina. Not to mention, a former employee at the hotel where Quantasia stayed claims to have seen Usher as he entered the Days Inn lobby just after midnight on November 16. Uh oh!!!

The unnamed female staffer told TMZ that Sharpton came down to the lobby and greeted the OMG artist before bringing him up to her room. The woman says she asked the 38-year-old for a picture, but the A-lister declined and said he’d take one with her later. Although the lady waited an hour, Usher never came back downstairs.

Via sources connected to the situation, Sharpton has confirmed that the Days Inn is where her sexual encounter with Usher took place. Welp, it sounds like Usher has some ‘splainin’ to do!

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