These Kardashian spinoffs are dropping like flies!

Back in May, TMZ reported Kris Jenner was the executive producer of a new show starring Scott Disick called Royally Flipped where Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex would remodel houses.

LD was given $58,000 “to shoot a taster of what the show would be,” and it was reportedly so bad, TV executives canceled the entire thing! OUCH!

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But why was it so atrocious?? Disick was apparently so “boring” and “dull,” the final product was unwatchable! A source told The Sun:

“The shots were Scott going around houses and doing them up but it was so dull. He doesn’t know enough about renovating to sustain a whole show, let alone a series.”

While the father-of-three is known for being KUWTK‘s comic relief, he couldn’t recreate that magic for this project.

“On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott was popular on screen because he had a minor role and was really funny to watch. But watching just him and his two mates on screen, there was no spark or chemistry.”

And it didn’t help that he was boozing it up during production!

“Scott didn’t stop his partying during filming either which left producers worried about the effect it would have on the show.”

While Kris did everything she could to help her daughter’s baby daddy, you can’t polish a turd!

“Kris tried her hardest to help Scott out but she can’t magic great TV out of thin air… She’s distancing herself from this show, even though she was just in an advisory role behind the scenes, because it’s pretty embarrassing.”

This isn’t the only KarJenner show that’s failing. As we reported, after abysmal first week ratings, Kylie Jenner‘s new show Life Of Kylie is reportedly “being recut to make it more exciting.”

Scott takes another L!

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Scott Disick’s New Show Is CANCELED For Being ‘Boring’ AF!