Five hours ago, Ivanka Trump finally decided to publicly weigh in on the horrific, tragic situation that’s been going down in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The First Daughter — who also has an active policy-making role in the White House — decided that a day later would be a good time to make a public comment about the disgusting white supremacy we’ve all witnessed this weekend.

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And so early this morning, finally, Ivanka tweeted this (below):

With all due respect, Ivanka: fuck off.

Every single Washington insider reports that you — more than anybody — has your father Donald Trump‘s ear on policy issues and important things concerning the country.

So when the fuck are you going to use your influence on him? Do you even WANT to??

Because yesterday — when your Dad came up with his “on many sides” bullshit — might have been the perfect time to tell him that white supremacy and neo-Nazis have no place in society. Don’t tell that to Twitter. We already know. Tell your father!!!

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And so today continues the story of Ivanka Trump: a complete policy and social issue lightweight who consistently comes with too little, too late.

We need actual leadership in this country, because the Trump family sure as shit isn’t it.

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