Donald Trump is SO disappointing!

Following his press conference on Tuesday where he actually decided to defend white supremacists and neo-Nazis following the horrifying violence in Charlottesville, he’s proving just how ignorant he is with a new Twitter rant!

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On Thursday, POTUS continued to muse about the removal of Confederate statues, as it’s making him really “sad.”

Smh. Somehow, we’re not surprised…

He wrote:

They’re fucking Confederate statues, Trump! Do we need to give you a history lesson??

“Ripped apart,” really?? This is ripping the country apart, Donnie?? Please be more out of touch! Even Confederate general Robert E. Lee‘s great-great grandson is “fine” with them getting removed.

He should be condemning white supremacist subgroups, not lamenting the removal of these monuments.

[Image via Chris Kleponis/Pool CNP/Media Punch.]

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A Very ‘Sad’ Donald Trump Criticizes The Removal Of ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues! Can’t Make This Shit Up!