Damn! And Fox was already upset about having American Idol stolen from their dumpster! (What? They weren’t using it anymore! Fine, from their attic then…)

But it looks like ABC isn’t content to just take the iconic singing competition — they want the stars too!

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They may be keeping their judge shortlist a secret to avoid being sniped again, but a source has spilled one big name to UsWeekly: Chris Daughtry!

Another Idol contestant? Yep! And supposedly that was ABC’s plan all along! A source told Us:

“They wanted a panel of all ex contestants. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson were all on their wish list.”

Well, we all know what went down with Kelly and JHud. Will Carrie join the Disney family?

Then again, the source says they “were” on the wish list. With Katy Perry now rumored to be in negotiations, maybe they’ve decided to reach for the non-reality competition stars.

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Too bad they gave up on the whole ex-contestant thing. Not only is it twisting the knife in Fox in a way we really enjoy watching, it would also make great TV.

All these people had been in the exact spot as the singer they’re judging? Nice.

Who do YOU want to see judging on the new Idol??


Chris Daughtry Is Reportedly The Next Fox Turncoat To Join ABC’s American Idol!