Home at last. The “Will & Grace” family is back together, with a little help from the power of music. 

On Monday, NBC released its first trailer for the beloved sitcom’s anticipated revival, in which Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes use nostalgia and their theater chops to help convince fellow co-star Debra Messing to come on board.

The five-minute clip opens with Debra and Eric leaving a meeting at the NBC offices, where Debra confesses that she’s skeptical about joining the gang on the small screen again.

Once Eric takes her back to the “Will & Grace” set, however, memories come flooding in and she breaks into a rendition of the “Sunset Boulevard” tune “As If We Never Said Goodbye” while expressing her doubt.

Megan and Sean soon join in, appearing in character as iconic, wise-cracking buddy duo Karen and Jack. Before long, the whole foursome finds themselves marveling – in song – over how quickly they picked back up right where they left off.

Fans will likely have a similar response.

The “Will & Grace” 12-episode revival is set to air Thursday nights on NBC, starting this Fall. 

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‘Will & Grace’ Drops First Revival Trailer – Watch The Epic Musical Reunion!