Vice President Mike Pence was all set to get up and give a speech at the graduation ceremony of the University of Notre Dame on Sunday afternoon, when things didn’t quite go as planned.

Notre Dame — a very conservative, Catholic school — has nevertheless seen its fair share of anti-Trump and anti-Pence rhetoric in light of this administration’s historic unpopularity, and it reared its head again on Sunday.

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Just as Pence stood up to give his speech at the graduation ceremony, a group of several dozen Notre Dame graduates in attendance too stood up, turned around, and walked out.

This is a conservative Catholic school (Pence is a BIG-time Christian), and this is in Indiana (where Pence had been governor before his current role).


Per TMZ, the protest had been planned before-hand, with the administration even helping just so as to be sure it went off without a hitch and didn’t disturb anybody around them. Pence didn’t make any reference to it, though.

At least this is better than the Liberty University students being forced to sit in their seats even against their will when Donald Trump showed up!!!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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Notre Dame Students Walk Out On Mike Pence During Speech At Graduation Ceremony