It’s an exhausting task just to keep up with our very “active” president.

So, it’s no big shock that months of golfing, deflecting blame, and high-energy rants are starting to catch up with Donald Trump.

POTUS mixed up some crucial wording during his highly anticipated speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, a flub White House officials attributed to him being “exhausted.”

While Trump was speaking to leaders of over 50 Muslim majority nations, he slipped when mentioning “Islamic extremism” — which is much different than what he was supposed to say: “Islamist extremism.”

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This flub might go unnoticed to the average U.S. listener, but the terminology could mean the difference between offending Middle Eastern allies and not.

“Islamic” is a reference to the religion, while “Islamist” refers to political movements that seek to implement Islamic law and theology, making the former much more offensive to pair with talk of terrorism.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect Trump to care about that stuff, seeing as how he repeated the more controversial phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” on the campaign trail to criticize Barack Obama‘s political correctness on the matter.

Still, a senior White House says Trump didn’t intentionally meant to piss off Middle Eastern leaders, saying he made the flub because “he’s just an exhausted guy.”

Twitter critics were quick to point out POTUS was “exhausted” after visiting just one country — while Hillary Clinton probably would have finished her second world tour by now.

See some reactions to Trump’s exhaustion (below)!

We guess POTUS isn’t as fit as he says he is. Sad!

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Donald Trump Makes Flub In Saudi Arabia Speech Because He’s ‘Exhausted’ — & Twitter Can’t With His Low Stamina!