Well, shit.

If the investigation into Donald Trump does yield new corruption (you know, in addition to all the obstruction of justice), it won’t be from the testimony of Michael Flynn.

The short-term national security adviser who lied about his communications with Russia during Trump’s transition has just stalled his own investigation by announcing he will plead the fifth amendment.

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Flynn’s attorneys wrote a letter to the Senate intelligence committee that seems to claim the move is justified not because he’s guilty but because he’s worried about being prosecuted anyway amid the “escalating public frenzy against him.”

So nothing in his documents is evidence of any crime, but it all makes him look more guilty? Hmm…

They wrote:

“The context in which the committee has called for General Flynn’s testimonial production of documents makes clear that he has more than a reasonable apprehension that any testimony he provides could be used against him.”

The letter also made a point of stating that this in no way should be taken as a sign of guilt. Unfortunately we have two sources who disagree with that:

And of course, who could forget:

Campaign Trump is, as usual, wrong.

The Supreme Court has upheld one of Fifth Amendment’s key intended purposes is to protect innocent people from retaliation based on what they say.

But damn if it isn’t suspicious…

Like all the Bill of Rights, the Fifth is designed to protect citizens from tyranny. So sad to see it being used to do the opposite.

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