Blac Chyna is shaking it off.

In case you missed it, Rob Kardashian has launched a social media barrage at his ex, tweeting photos she supposedly sent him of other guys she was hooking up with when she was supposed to be watching their daughter.

But are these attacks having any effect on his baby momma?

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While Chyna has hit back with accusations of abuse, a source tells People she’s hardly shook by all the drama. Unfortunately Dream Kardashian doesn’t have the same thick skin as mommy.

The source says:

“She’s just fine. He’s just a bitter ex-boyfriend. The loser in this is Dream. What man would post pictures of his daughter’s mom like that and shame and disparage her?”

Yeah, it’s not a good look. Nor is posting borderline revenge porn.

But according to the source, Chyna is getting worse from Rob that we haven’t even seen!

“This is the tip of the iceberg of what she’s dealing with every day. She’s had to have a new phone number every month and constantly has to change her number. While everyone is writing stories and thinking it’s fun gossip, it’s actually dangerous.”

Dangerous? Like stalking dangerous? Hmm…

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The source does contend Chyna will NOT sink to Rob’s level in a social media feud, saying:

“Everyone has their limit, of course. But it’s not going to be a public fight. She doesn’t need the money and she doesn’t fight Rob like that.”

We’ll believe that when we don’t see it.

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Rob Kardashian’s Attacks On Blac Chyna Are Just ‘The Tip Of The Iceberg’ — Source Says There’s Worse We Haven’t Even Seen!