Lannisters may always pay their debts, but they don’t always pay big money.

If you thought fans were serious about spoilers before, people are actually betting on the outcome of Game Of Thrones.

Online sports book Bovada is offering odds on who will sit upon the Iron Throne at the end of the HBO hit series, and you could make some serious money if your fave takes the finale!

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The most likely to win it all? Cersei Lannister, AKA Lena Headey, at a shocking 10/13. That means they consider her more likely to win than to lose! (But it also means you won’t even double your money!)

We recommend going for big bucks with a bet on reasonably likely winners Jon Snow (Kit Harington) or Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) who both pay off a hefty 10/1. That means for a bet of just $10, you could get back $100! Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) is an even BETTER bet at 12/1!

See everyone’s odds (below)!

Cersei Lannister 10/13
Daenerys Targaryen 8/5
Gendry 7/2
Jon Snow 10/1
Tyrion Lannister 10/1
Sansa Stark 12/1
Petyr Baelish 14/1
Jamie Lannister 18/1
Arya Stark 25/1
Bran or Benjen Stark 35/1
Theon Greyjoy 40/1
Yara Greyjoy 45/1
Davos Seaworth 66/1
Lyanna Mormont 66/1
The Night King 66/1
Varys 66/1
Euron Greyjoy 80/1
Qyburn 80/1
Brienne of Tarth 120/1
Samwell Tarly 130/1
Tormund Giantsbane 130/1
Ellaria Sand 150/1
Melisandre 150/1
Sandor or Gregor Clegane 150/1
Jorah Mormont 160/1
Jaqen H’ghar 175/1
Bronn of the Blackwater 200/1
Daario Naharis 200/1
Grey Worm 200/1
Olenna Tyrell 200/1
Podrick Payne 200/1
Missandei 250/1
Gilly 300/1
Meera Reed 300/1

Who are you putting YOUR money on??

See how things change after the Season 7 premiere on July 16.

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Who Will Win The Game Of Thrones? See What Vegas Odds Say!