All’s fair in love, war, and jewelry!

Blac Chyna had a TON of fresh new jewelry coming her way this week — all thanks to her other man, the mysterious Rarribut now that her drama with Rob Kardashian has taken pop culture center stage, the new guy suddenly isn’t feeling it!!

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According to a report in TMZ this morning, BC’s new man dropped exactly $135,648 on six pieces of jewelry that were supposed to be gifts for her.

The pieces include per the report: $34,850 for a Rolex, $56,500 for a gold necklace, and $32,250 for diamond earrings among some other things!

It turns out Rarri bought all the jewelry a few weeks ago when he was certain BC was the one for him… and he went so far as to list “spouse” on the receipt! (WTF?!)

But now, a few weeks later and a MAJOR Rob Kardashian blow-up gone down, Rarri is like… nah.

He was allegedly supposed to gift Blac Chyna the jewelry on July 5, but that was the day Rob went off the deep end… and now the day Rarrii decided it all wasn’t worth it.

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He’s apparently backed completely off now, and even got his manager to RETURN all the jewelry. (Glad he kept the ‘spouse’ receipts, right?!?!)

Poor Rarri… gone out of our lives so soon… LOLz!!

[Image via Reflector/WENN/Instagram.]

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Blac Chyna’s Other Man Returns Nearly $150,000 Worth Of Jewelry He Bought For Her — All Because Of The Rob Kardashian Mess!