The troll is back, and he wants his money!

As we reported in February, publisher Simon & Schuster canceled the release of Milo Yiannopoulos‘s book, Dangerous, after the conservative said that some relationships between older predators and “sexually mature” younger boys can actually be healthy. The autobiography was scheduled to be released June 13.

Fast forward to Friday, the British media personality is suing S & S for $10 million!

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According to documents filed by Meister Seelig & Fein in New York, Milo claims the CBS-owned company was supposed to pay him a $255,000 advance but revoked the agreement in fear of backlash from progressives.

In regards to his controversial comments, Yiannopoulos says his former publisher caved into “false and misleading reports that he had publicly condoned pedophilia — an accusation he has vociferously denied in social media postings, as well as in the pages of Dangerous, which Yiannopoulos self-published on July 4, 2017.”

In the 83-page lawsuit, the former Breitbart editor references several celebrity tweets from Leslie Jones, Sarah Silverman, and Judd Apatow condemning Simon & Schuster’s relationship with the provocateur.

Reportedly, Mitchell Ivers — editorial director at Simon & Schuster — even asked the 32-year-old to end his infamous feud with the Ghostbusters actress, and disapproved of the author appearing “on shows with Bill Maher and the like so close to the book release date.”

In response to these allegations, the book corporation released the following statement:

“Although we have not been officially served, we believe that Yiannopoulos’s lawsuit is publicity driven and entirely without merit… Simon & Schuster will vigorously defend itself against any such action, and fully expects to prevail in court.”

Sounds about right.

We just want him to go away!

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Milo Yiannopoulos Slaps Simon & Schuster With $10M Lawsuit For Canceling Book Deal!