After another bizarre Twitter rant this morning, it really looks like Donald Trump is completely out of touch.

This time, he revealed that not only did Russian President Vladimir Putin say there was no election hacking in 2016 (so that’s good enough for The Donald!!!), but also that the pair may form a cyber security unit to FIGHT election hacking!

Wait, WTF?!

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No, seriously. Read through ALL of this bull shit (below):


That was a lot to take in.

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He then followed it up with one of the most poorly edited blatant propaganda videos we’ve seen, well, ever (below):

A cyber security unit… formed with the country that hacked our election and is using our cyber security against us…

Literally only dealmaking bozo Donald Trump would think this is “winning”!!!

Please save us, Canada!!!

[Image via Becher/WENN.]

See the article here: 

Donald Trump Goes On Twitter Rant, Says He Wants A ‘Cyber Security Unit’ With Vladimir Putin! WTF?